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So I need to make about $60,000 for the college I'm looking forward to going to. The catch is that I need to make this much within' a year.

I really need some ideas on how to make some fast cash, please..

I'm a piece of shit, and he deserves better.
How come every time I love something, I treat it like shit? What is wrong with me? Why am I so sick? I just have too high expectations, and I lash out whenever he doesn't meet my standards of decency. 
That's cute.
Why does a Wacom Cintiq 22HD have to cost $1,799.95??

I mean, I get that it's Godly and all, but just, ermergerd.

//cries forever//
Un-named. by freespyrodragon
So, I haven't been active in about 2 years on here..? Not sure. HOWEVER. I decided it was about time to blow the dust off of my DeviantArt page and submit something. c: I kind of created this character based off of the anime, "Blue Exorcist." I really ship Rin in his whole, "Satanic-demon" form..
I don't know. I think I'll add more personal designs and such to him later, so he doesn't seem so boring to look at. :P I didn't really have the time to finish this specific piece because I have been so busy with the holidays and such, but I managed to get this far.


(Unknown as of now.)


Well he's sort of immortal. Also note that he doesn't age physically past 18. In this image he is 17. c:


Bisexual/Asexual. He finds relationships a waste of time unless the other person is as committed as him. He doesn't really like to dwell on the whole relationship aspect considering he's been hurt in past relationships.


Usually very quiet and shy, unless otherwise provoked. Once provoked, it takes a long while for him to calm down. He spends a majority of his time researching and reading novels alone in his room, always finding new things to learn. He is very dedicated to everything that he does, and can get his feelings hurt extremely easy.


- Music.
- Spicy foods & Italian foods.
- Technology of all sorts.
- Animals.
- Nighttime walks.
- Walks in the woods.
- Novels.
- Halloween. ♡


- Humans in general, really.
- Animal abusers. (This enrages him.)
- Being touched by anyone other than bae.
- Violence, ironically enough.
- Large crowds.


He was raised in a big city, where he grew up feeling miniscule to the population of the city. The only thing that he discovered really made him feel superior was throughout his studies. He always knew he was different than the humans he went to school with, but he never knew why. They always cowered in fear in his presence. He wanted to know why, so he decided to research, discovering he was a demon. Ever since this discovery, he has been doing rigorous research on his own species, searching for answers that will probably never be found in textbooks, but within himself.

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